Rent to Buy your units from Ice Cold Rentals

One of the finance options available is Rent to Buy or Rent to Own. Ice Cold Rentals can tailor rent to buy options to meet your exact needs for buying units.

Here you can see the benefits and why you would chose this finance option.

Why chose Rent to Buy?

  • No upfront purchase cost – use scarce capital elsewhere in your business
  • Make the rental payments out of operational expenditure
  • Preserves your existing credit lines – keep your bank lines free for day-to-day requirements
  • Match expense to revenue or cost savings generated from asset use
  • Tax efficient – tax allowances available against purchase price plus the interest costs are fully tax deductible

Benefits over cash purchase

  • Because purchase is an option at contract end, in the meantime pay rentals from operational expenditure
  • Re-invest the money saved within the business, at your higher return on capital
  • Additional features can be added for only a small increment on the monthly payment
  • We order the equipment for you and check it prior to dispatch for your peace of mind.
  • For more information on renting to purchase units, investigate Ice Cold Rentals easy2buy program.

Why is it a better way to buy ?

  • If Capital Expenditure is currently constrained or you have no budget?
  • Immediate availability with spread payments option towards a purchase
  • You specify the repayments term

Eligible for rent2buy?

Subject to standard credit rating terms (Please ask for further details):

More Information or a Quote?

For more information on how Ice Cold Rentals can help you, please contact us by using the below form or send an email to email@icecoldrentals for a consultation.

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